A Puppyhood Series: 5 Tips to Surviving Teething.

One of the hardest parts of puppy hood for us was teething! Bear starting physically losing teeth pretty late but started the nipping phase early! It was a very frustrating time, but we learned a lot from it. Here are my tips for surviving teething!

surviving puppy teething
Bear mouthing, 8weeks


Stay off the floor!

This lesson was really hard for me. When your puppy is so small and cute, all you want to do is lay on the floor with them and snuggle. However, if you have a teething puppy and you get on the floor, you are going to end up with a bite on the nose! Bear would nip us everywhere if we got on the floor with him, and puppy teeth are very sharp! The floor is your dog’s territory. Stay on furniture while they are little to play with them.

surviving puppy teething.
Cuddling on the floor with Bear, 8 weeks.

Freeze Dishtowels.

If you feel like your puppy’s teeth are really hurting, wet a dishtowel, ring it out and put it in the freezer for a few hours. This gives them something to chew on that is cold and eases some of the soreness in their mouth’s.

puppy teething
One of Bear’s puppy teeth!

Bulk up on chew toys!

All your dog wants to do right now is CHEW. Those teeth are hurting right now and chewing eases some of the discomfort. To prevent loosing your favorite pair of shoes to those sharp teeth, provide a variety of chew toys and raw hides. Bear’s favorite when he was younger was a puppy KONG. He still plays with it!

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Bonus Tip: Fill your KONG with yummy snacks like peanut butter and freeze overnight for extra teething relief!

Training is key.

We had an especially nippy puppy, you might too! The way we dealt with it was training him. We trained Bear to kiss our hands instead of biting them. Start by taking training treats and rubbing the crumbs on your palm and repeating “kisses!” when they lick you. Reward them for the “kisses”. Eventually they will catch on. Training you dog that hands are not for biting is a really important part of puppy hood!

puppy teething
Bear mouthing his Dad, 10 weeks.

Have patience.

This is a tough time. You will have bruises and cuts, you will bleed, you will probably lose a favorite item, but it is worth it in the end. Enjoy this time that your fur-baby is just that, a baby! They are small for such a short amount of time and teething is just a part of it! Invest in some good chewing spray and take a ton of pictures of that tiny pup while you can because you’ll blink and have a full grown dog!



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  1. I have a 5.5 month old teacup breed and her teeth are like razors and nails. I use little finger tip toothbrushes to allow her to teeth safely.

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